Saturday, July 14, 2018

Day 22 - Bonavista to St. John's

Today began early.  Roweana, one of the owners of Abbott's B & B was up early and made us a portable breakfast of yogurt and homemade scones to eat on the shuttle, which arrived at 6:30 to take us back to St. John's.  Her kindness was greatly appreciated!

Our trip back to St. John's was uneventful, thankfully.  We arrived back at MUN around 10:30, and sat in the food court, waiting for Foote's shuttle to pick us up around noon and take us to Fortune, where we planned to take the ferry to St. Pierre and Miquelon. 

However, following an odd comment by the shuttle service as we sat in MUN waiting, we decided to recheck the ferry and taxi schedules, to make sure everything still worked.  To our disappointment, we discovered that the ferry to St. Pierre had changed it departure times, owing to Bastille Day. We were planning to spend tonight in Fortune, but this meant that if we continued on we would have to spend tomorrow in Fortune as well, waiting to take an evening ferry to St. Pierre.  We were resigning ourselves to this fate, when as we watched, that ferry changed from available to non-reservable online. Now we would have to leave the next morning, giving us only part of a day on St. Pierre, unless it was possible to fly back on Wednesday morning in time to get our flight back to Toronto.  We checked the airline schedule, only to discover that they too had changed their flight schedule, and that flights where no longer listed as going every day.  We contacted the airline to see if there were any available flights/seats and got an automated response indicating their office would be closed until Tuesday.  Although a lot of our traveling involves making arrangements on the fly, and things tend to have a way of working out remarkably well for us, this seemed like it was pushing our luck a bit too far, and if things didn't work out it would be very expensive to fix.  So, with heavy hearts we decided to scrap our trip to St. Pierre and Miquelon.  Maybe we will try again next year with better luck, although the locals we spoke with about this seemed to think these kinds of scheduling changes were not unusual for the ferry.

Once we decided to scrap the trip to St. Pierre we headed back to book a room at MUN and spent the afternoon looking for creative and interesting things to do in the region of St. John's for three extra days.

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